We promise to provide to you exceptional dentistry in a warm and caring environment where your time is respected and you wellbeing valued.

  • Exceptional Dentistry in a Warm and Caring environment
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Testimonial 1

I have been back home in Oklahoma for a couple of months now after the last trip to Arizona. I was just thinking how fortunate it was that I broke my denture while my wife and I were visiting her parents in Camp Verde last year. If that hadn’t happened I would still be putting up with my old dentures. After I had to get dentures in Oklahoma about 6 years ago, I thought I would have to forget about eating steaks or anything else that had to be chewed up real good. Even after getting relined I still couldn’t eat the deep fried shrimp at Long John Silver’s restaurant. Things are certainly different now. With my new dentures that you made for me, I can eat all of the steaks and fast food that I want to again, and they probably look better than my original teeth.

If you ever want to use me for a reference Jim, you have my telephone number.

Testimonial 2

We were in Church this Sunday and I said something funny & Lou gave me a full smile and his teeth were beautiful. God has blessed you and you have blessed us. Lou looks 20 years younger. Before he looked like a boxer with a mouthpiece, his face was malformed and he was suffering. Thank you for talking me out of larger teeth. You are a perfectionist and a good family man. You are a miracle worker because you built up his chin and his lips are back to normal and his face is straight. I can’t call him “Popeye the sailor man” anymore.

Testimonial 3

Thank you for saving our Mother’s life! Her mental health was rapidly disintegrating because of intense jaw pain. The discomfort began in January of this year, within thirty days the pain was unbearable, by sixty days she was at the end of her endurance. The absolutely infuriating part of her suffering was the repeated medical visits, tests, and prescriptions that she scheduled and paid for — all with no relief. Mother had appointments with her regular dentist, a T.J.N. specialist, an Eye-Nose-Throat specialist, a neurologist, and her general practice physician, again –all with no relief. Finally, and Thank Heaven, Mother was directed to your office. The story has a happy ending! Within ten minutes of her first visit she knew that you knew the cause of and remedy for her pain. You crafted her new dentures and like Abracadabra, Mother was immediately relieved of pain and feeling absolutely great